Marlboro Vintage Racing Red & Whit Biker Unisex Leather Jacket


  • Suitable for All Seasons
  • Material: Real Sheepskin Leather
  • Lining: Viscose Polyester
  • Colour: White & Red / Black & Red
  • Accessories: Original YKK’s
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Style: Biker/ Racer
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Marlboro Vintage Racing Red & Whit Biker Unisex Leather Jacket


Premium Leather: This jacket is expertly crafted using high-quality leather, ensuring durability and comfort. The supple leather not only adds to the jacket’s longevity but also develops a unique patina over time, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Unisex Design: Designed to be versatile, this leather jacket is suitable for both men and women. Its classic fit and timeless appeal make it a unisex fashion statement.

Racing Heritage: Inspired by the iconic Marlboro racing team, this jacket features racing stripes on the sleeves and the classic Marlboro logo, adding an extra touch of authenticity to your look.

Functional Pockets: Equipped with multiple pockets, this jacket provides ample storage for your essentials, making it a practical choice for both daily wear and riding adventures.

All-Season Wear: The versatility of this jacket allows you to wear it year-round. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or strolling through the city, it’s your go-to outerwear for any occasion.

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Men, Women


White, Black


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